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International Women’s Day: 11 female leaders making moves in the Northeast New Jersey: Marilyn Grabowski from Atlantic InfraRed

By March 8, 2018January 22nd, 2020Uncategorized

Founded in 2002 in Wall Township, New Jersey

Why the company is cool: Even though construction is traditionally considered a male-dominated field, entrepreneurism was in Grabowski’s genetics. Her grandmother started her own construction company at the age of 40 — and Grabowski took it as inspiration to follow in her path. Her business Atlantic Infra offers a permanent solution to potholes using InfraRed technology, bonding to existing asphalt with a thermo-bond. Today, they service the state of New Jersey.

Where the idea came from: Using her grandmother as her mentor, Grabowski wasn’t afraid to jump into this heavily male-led industry and shake up the scene. When she saw a way to use technology to address issues around pothole repairs that would make the process more efficient and cost-effective—she knew it was an excellent business opportunity. And she was right.

How it’s growing: To date, they’ve had 100% client retention. She was also given the Professional Women in Construction Award, as well as the ‘Women of Influence’ award sponsored by PNC Wealth Management, Tiffany & Co. and Foss San Filippo & Milne. For two years, she was also given the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in New Jersey, too.

How she became successful: An incredible drive and passion. According to Grabowski that requires constant strategy, examining opportunities, knowing the competition and hiring the right people. “Creativity learned from the Pharma industry coupled with the discipline of a STEM degree have been the winning formula in knowing how to provide outstanding service. Additionally, an unwavering commitment to developing each member of the team has given us strength,” she shares.

What’s next: Becoming a $50m company that blankets the entire state of the NJ and is the leading woman-owned business in the utility industry.