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Atlantic InfraRed is New Jersey’s lead company for restoring utility cuts with infrared restoration.

Founded in 2002, Atlantic InfraRed provides a unique, permanent and seamless solution for repairs with minimal waste. Our InfraRed trucks are built for efficiency and only require a two man crew to take on an eight hour day of asphalt utility cuts or potholes.


Repairs are seamless, thermo-bonded, and permanent. Roads look restored, not patched. Call backs for failed patches are eliminated. 


5’x7’ repair takes under 20 minutes to complete. The road can be immediately reopened to traffic.​


Competitively priced. Less asphalt consumption per repair. All unused and waste material are returned to a recycling facility.

InfraRed Restoration: A Seamless and Permanent Repair at Every Stop.

With the largest infrared fleet in the world, we easily outperform traditional paving companies on large jobs in both price and productivity.

Wall HeadquartersAtlantic Infra5042 Industrial Road, Suite AWall TownshipNJ07727Get MapTel: 732-899-8994Fax: 732-899-8644