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For the Love of Smiles

By October 27, 2021February 23rd, 2022Uncategorized

A childhood lemonade stand was the harbinger of a multi-million dollar utility restoration contractor and certified woman-owned business in New Jersey.


Marilyn Grabowski, President of Atlantic Infra, started being her own boss at a lemonade stand many decades ago. This was more than your ubiquitous childhood endeavor to earn movie money on a lazy summer day. For young Marilyn, this was a serious neighborhood enterprise.

She didn’t just sit and wait for customers. She made signs, recruited a team of innocent bystanders to get cars to stop, and eventually introduced a new line of business — cookies! This drive and innate sense of leadership persisted in Marilyn through adulthood, and she is now at the helm of an asphalt company with over $30 million of annual revenue.

After earning a degree in chemistry and working for more than 15 years in pharmaceutical sales and training on medical devices, Marilyn was affected by a company-wide layoff in 2000. But it was soon on to the next thing — entrepreneurship.


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